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Peer-reviewed articles:

« Life-Cycle Development of Obesity and its Determinants in Six European Countries ». (with S. Cavaco and T. V. Eriksson). Economics and Human Biology, 14, July 2014.

«Children's First Names, Religiosity and Immigration Background in France». (with M. Araï, D. Besancenot and K. Huynh). International Migration, doi: 10.1111/imig.12010, November 2012.

«Do Economic Inequalities Harm Health? Evidence from Europe». (with J-M. Etienne and I. Theodossiou). Journal of Income Distribution, 20(3-4), September 2011.

« Student Loans and the Likelihood of Graduation: Evidence from Finnish Cohort Data », (with R. Asplund and O. Ben-Abdelkarim), Higher Education in Europe, 34(2), July 2009.

«Jobs as Lancaster Goods : Facets of Job Satisfaction and Overall Job Satisfaction», (with I. Theodossiou and E. Vasileiou), Journal of Socio-Economics, 37(5), October 2008.

«An Equity Perspective on Access to, Enrolment in and Finance of Tertiary Education», (with R. Asplund and O. Ben-Abdelkarim), Education Economics, 16(3), September 2008.

«Are Successive Investments in Education Equally Worthwhile? Endogeneity of Schooling Decisions and Non-linearities in the Earnings-Schooling Relationship», Economics of Education Review, 26(2), April 2007.

« Pay, Technology and the Cost of Worker Absence », (with M. Coles, J. Lanfranchi and J. Treble), Economic Inquiry, 45(2), April 2007.

« Pay Practices and Work Organisation: Evidence from French Firm Data», (with J. Lanfranchi), International Journal of Economics Research, 4(1), January 2007.

«Action collective et différences compensatrices : Le cas des travailleurs masculins à horaires atypiques», (with J. Lanfranchi and H. Ohlsson), Economie et Prévision, 164-165, 2004.

«Compensating Wage Differentials and Shift Work Preferences: Evidence from France», Economics Letters, (with J. Lanfranchi and H. Ohlsson), 74, 2002.

«L’impact des conventions de branche sur les salaires», (with D. Meurs), Travail et Emploi, 70(1), 1997.

«Différentiels inter-sectoriels de salaire et caractéristiques des employeurs en France», Economie et Statistique, (with M. Araï and G. Ballot), 299(9),1996.

«Rendements de l’ancienneté des individus et taille des établissements», La Revue Economique, (with M. Araï and G. Ballot), 47(3), 1996.

«Tests du CAPM à deux facteurs : Une analyse sur données françaises», Journal de la Société de Statistique de Paris, (with C., Piatecki), 134(2),1993.
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