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International conferences:

European Association of Labour Economists (EALE conference):
      September 1995, Lyon, France, 7th annual conference.
September 1996, Xania, Greece, 8th annual conference.
September 2002, Paris, France, 14th annual conference.
September 2004, Lisbon, Portugal, 16th annual conference.

Society of Labor Economists (SOLE Conference):
May 1999, Boston, USA, 4th annual conference.
May 2002, Baltimore, USA, 7th annual conference.

European Economic Association (EEA Congress):        
August 2001, Lausanne, Switzerland, 16th annual congress.

Economics of Education and Employment Group (EEEG Congress):
June 2001, Leicester, UK, 7th annual conference.

Employer-Employee Matched Data (CAED conference):
October 2001, Aarhus, Denmark, 2nd annual conference.

European Low Wage Employment Research (LoWER) Network Annual Meeting:
April 2005, Mannheim, Germany.

International Health Economics Association (IHEA conference):
July 2005, Barcelona, Spain, 15th annual conference.
International Society of Quality of Life Studies (ISQOLS Conference):
      July 2006, Grahamstown, South Africa, 7th annual conference.

Arne Ryde Symposium on the Economics of Higher Education:
November 2006, Lund, Sweden, 25th symposium.

Athens Institute of Economic Research World Association (ATINER): Educational Economics Conference.
       August 2008, Athens, Greece, 2nd annual international conference.

The Funding, Equity and Efficiency of Higher Education International Conference.
November 2007, Portoroz, Slovenia.

IZA Workshop : The Well-Being of the Elderly: Income, Consumption and Health Cross-Country Perspectives.
May 2006, Bonn, Germany.

ZEW Workshop : Wages, Working Hours and Employment.
July 2001, Mannheim, Germany.

Tinbergen Institute Workshop : Cross European Countries Comparison of Private Returns to Education.
   October 1998, Ansterdam, The Netherlands.

Public Funding and Private Returns to Education (The PuRE project).
October 1999, Paris, France, 1st annual conference.

Socio-economic and Occupational Effects on the Health Inequality of the Older Workforce (SOCIOLD Network).
September 2002, Paris, France, 1st annual meeting.

Societal and Economic Policies to Promote Quality of Life and Well-being: Discrete Priority Setting in Response to Changes in Labour Market Status (EPICURUS Network).
September 2002, Paris, France, 1st annual meeting.

Education and Wage Inequality in Europe (EDWIN Network).
September 2002, Paris, France, 1st annuel meeting.

ERMES Workshop : Labour Market Outcomes of Educational Attainments.
November 2003, Paris, France.
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